Dell XPS-14z Credits: Dell Design Team (Austin), Dell Development Team (TDC)
Dell XPS-15z - Design team, alphabetically: Dimitre "Miki" Mehandjiysky (Lead ID Designer) Nic Denhez (ID Designer) Michael E. Smith (ID Manager) Rex Bryan (UX Specialist) Christine DeWitt (CMF Designer) Jimi Slagle (DF Specialist)
Dell Studio / XPS Product Family 2011 - Dell's XPS products feature a dynamic new Design Language, and exceptional performance in the Consumer space. Role on the project: Led the front-end creative effort via hands-on work & managing internal / external resources. Led initial high-level internal layout concepts, laying the foundation. Co-managed a complex RFQ process involving multiple ODM vendors simultaneously.
Dell Studio 17, Touch-Screen config (2009) - Studio 17 is the previous generation Dell consumer laptop optimized for Multimedia & Performance, with advanced JBL & SRS premium sound. Existed in 2 versions, including industry's first 17" Touchscreen. Role on the project: took over after the ID1 milestone, and managed the design of Dell Studio 14" and 17" (pre-existing Dell Platforms / ID Language) to successful launch / RTS. Introduced design refinements, reviewed Protos, managed Dell & ODM ID + ME teams, CMF / DF, Premium Sound vendors.
Dell Design

Examples of Dell products I worked on (as Senior Lead Industrial Designer).

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