Windsor 2.0

Digital technologies are developing rapidly expanding from industry use to the average household opening up new exciting possibilities for the future. However, instead of just going forward we must not forget the past. Objects are only important as a source of memory and association: they affect us through their ability to bring back fragments of the past to the present. My aim has been to look back and forth at the same time challenging the established division between tradition and innovation and blurring boundaries between low tech and hi tech. Using current digital tools I have ‘hacked’ into the DNA of an old Windsor chair resulting in a form that is typical for the digital age yet traditional and somehow familiar. The original chair has been digitalised through 3D scanning, digitally abstracted and then materialised again using traditional hand craft techniques and materials. The prototype is folded out of a mild steel sheet and spray-painted.

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Freelance, Full-time
Mikko Hannula
Product Designer Sheffield, United Kingdom