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Beggars Pizza, Crown Point Client wanted to show their Chicago roots without showing the typical Chicago landmarks. We came up with individual slices of life in Chicago. The main mural is 20' w x 16' h, depicting a stylized Maxwell St. scene, complete with L, Mayor Daley, and Magikist sign. 3 8' x 8' murals hang in the bar area, showing a thrift shop,pizza kitchen and bowling alley. Each mural is filled with small Chicago which makes for great conversation pieces for patrons.
Beggars Pizza, Chicago
Teh restaurant is located downtown in the Metra building, across from Union Station, thus the train theme.
Game Fish, Eagle River, WI
Ferrari Road Rally, Chicago
Our client has a collection of Ferraris, and wanted to pass his interest on to his son in their weekend getaway condo downtown.
Tropical Getaway, Chicago
On Wisconsin!, Madison
Pirates ! Chicago
Jungle 2 Jungle, Oak Park
Office Makeover, Merrillville
Our client wanted to bring insome interest into his office. We created a window with a nice garden view, and another mural depicting the 3 generations of owners,
Crosstown Classic, Chicago

Joe Connelly
Owner, Connelly Design, Exhibit Designer Chicago, IL