Palazzo - Premium Mini Bonbon Box - Small gift box designed for hotel giveaway amenity for guests.
Palazzo - Luxury Truffle Box - Conceptual design and 3-D preview of custom designed truffles and sculptural gift box.
Palazzo - Origin Chocolates - Slim box with slide-on cover featuring single origin chocolates. Sleeve design options presented on the right.
Palazzo - Floating Truffle Box - Concept and design for floating truffle box.
Palazzo - Luxury Chocolate Mini Bar - Mini chocolate bar wrapper design concepts.
Palazzo - Translucent Chocolate Slide Box - Flat box holds chocolate thins with a translucent cover that slides on.
Palazzo chocolate gift box - Actual chocolate box as it was produced.
Palazzo Hotel - Chocolates

Chocolate packaging concepts for luxury resort hotel, Palazzo, Las Vegas.

Yael Miller
Owner at Miller Creative LLC Lakewood, NJ