Simple Squares

Miller was approached by Simple Squares to revitalize their natural and organic raw snack bars. Their concern was that product attributes and benefits were not being clearly expressed on their packaging, which was negatively affecting sales. We were tasked with creating a new brand mark and evaluating all written content on the package to discover how we could make it really clear that the product was: simple, natural, organic, ‘unfired’ (raw) and nutritious.

The first step was creating a stronger, more noticeable wordmark for the logo. We then created a clear, descriptive tagline ‘organic snack bars’ to help consumers clearly understand what the product actually is. Custom illustrations were created to describe the flavor profile in a visual way, along with copywriting and other useful details like factoids about the ingredients used, to create an engaging and thoughtful product.

The results speak for themselves as the product rolls out in stores across the country.

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Yael Miller
Owner at Miller Creative LLC Lakewood, NJ