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Slake - Orange juice aint just for preschoolers and old people. Seven ounces of orange juice gives you loads of vitamin C, folate, and a wealth of other essential nutrients. That's not just smart, that's cool. Bilingual skater culture in an easy to stack and carry seven pack. Slake: La Alternativa Anaranjada.

Senior project, University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Govolts - Batteries packaged in milk carton-shaped packages. User keeps package of batteries in refrigerator, which lengthens battery life. Batteries are easy to access: simply open the package just like a milk carton and pour them out into your hand. When finished, simply close spout and return the refrigerator.

Product and Package Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Porcellini - Innovative long-lasting light bulbs deserve refreshing, green packaging. A logo that mimics the package that mimics a flowery pinwheel. The angled main panel lifts up to reveal two individually supported bulbs, nestled next to each other like bed buddies. The gently protruding sides provide extra protection from stacking and handling.

Product and Package Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout.
The Swisstake on Graphic Design - An obvious play on words, this CD-ROM and VHS set delivers a playful and insightful look into the highly influential Swiss Design Movement of the 60s and 70s (knife not included). The entire set is shrink-wrapped like a slab of steak, providing superior protection from minimal materials. All packaging copy in both English and Swiss-German. Cleaver sold separately.

Product and Package Design, University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Pumpkin Ale - Friend and colleague Dan Anderson brewed up some holiday cheer for friends and family. He invited me and other artists to design this year's holiday labels.
John Mindiola
Department Chair, School of Design, Rasmussen College Maple Grove, MN