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problem faced : There is no product on the market that can store all your camping/bbq essentials.

how and why the problem is solved : We designed the Camp Caddy to allow BBQ lovers to easily bring their stove, dishes, cooking utensils, and cleaning products to the park. To do so, the Caddy is a box with a compartment for the stove, a drawer and two shelves for the utensils and cleaning products. The box has two wheels and handles to be moved around easily, from your trunk to your camp spot. It opens up as a table to support the stove, and once you are done with your journey, you can simply store your utensils back to the caddy and you will be ready to go for another trip. The Caddy gathers all your essentials in one place instead of going around the house to find them. A scale one prototype was made for a Kickstarter campaign to test the ergonomic of the product with successful results.

*photos courtesy of Fig40

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Freelancer Toronto, Canada