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InPower Flex 3

problem faced : Due to rapid advancements in technology, Arconas found themselves with passengers unable to charge their devices via USB while traveling at airports and public spaces they serve. Further complicating this, in 2015 the USB-C connector system was introduced to the electronic market and adopted by major electronic brands. Arconas decided to update their public charging solution to stay current with the market.

how / why the problem is solved : With two USB-C charging ports and two AC-plugs slots that will accept any international plugs, the Inpower Flex 3 enables people to charge their devices easily and also allows Arconas to expand their market opportunities internationally. With the goal of minimizing the amount of material needed to design an object, we wanted to reduce the footprint of the previous device and ensure it will resist the harsh environment of airports. With this in mind, we chose to use cast aluminum parts instead of plastic.

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