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A simple box with a lid - 3D printable

I was asked by the 3D printing community to create a simple box for simple desktop storage and this was created.
This design was created in a dark era, two years before Mr.Prusa brought his wonder to the world.
When designing this piece I had to really think about printability, something that lots of new-age designers don't bother to do anymore. The result gained enormous popularity among the home printers because it was dead simple to print and as easy to operate. Thanks, community.

Eventually, 3 variations were born.
1. Small 56mm cubic box with a sliding lid
2. Small 56mm cubic box with a simple snap lid
3. A bigger 112mm long box with a simple snap-on lid

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Freelance, Full-time
Michael Milano
"We need only engineers and designers to run this city" Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel