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"Industriale" a pencil holder.

A simple and easy-to-print pencil holder. Inspiration - During a visit to my birth country, I discovered that my green city turned into a factory nightmare. I've watched those huge factory chimneys with all the heavy & black smoke coming out of them and felt bad for the environment and for the people who lived there. It could have been me. It made me wonder if there's a solution to this specific pollution problem. When I had to get back I refused to forget what my eyes just saw. I designed this pencil holder to sit on my desk. It clearly resembles the chimneys I've seen back there. I hope it will encourage me to create smarter designs with fewer waste materials. When it finally was printed I've inserted a few of my drawing pencils inside and realized that these black pencils resemble the black smoke I've seen. Suddenly my design became much more powerful.

Freelance, Full-time
Michael Milano
"We need only engineers and designers to run this city" Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel