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Channel Islands Surfboards 2006 ASR trade Show T-shirt - T- shirt
The Cult Concert Poster
Channel Islands board art
Channel Islands board art
Anacapa surfboard line - Some logos designed for a new brand of surboards created by the Number 1 Surfboard Desginer in the world. - Al Merrick, Shaper of Channel Islands Surfboards
Starlight Theatre - Starlight Theatre Letterhead, Business card, and Envelope.
Channel Islands Tee design
Channel Islands 3D Tee Design
San Diego Asian Film Festival Tee Design
Channel Islands ASR Tee
Big Willy logo - Logo for Big Willie Channel Islands Surfboard model
The Rookie - channel Islands Surfboard Model logo
The Fishcuit - Board logo for Channel Islands Surfboards.
The Pod - Logo for a new Channel Islands Surfboard model.
Anacapa Logo Product shot
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Freelance Work
Bryan Montgomery
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA