herbi - Ever wanted to go your favorite herbs but the big city life seems to get in the way? Herbi is here to help. 2006 Herbi, the fully adjustable hydroponic herb rack created in the style of plusminuszero*, lets you grow your favorite herbs easily in your own home. Simply place Herbi in a naturally well lit spot, such as the the kitchen counter, and Herbi will supply its you with fresh, ready to pick herbs all year round.
shumidor - 2006 If you are one of the many who have odor problems with your shoes caused by sweaty feet, or maybe you just want to keep that new shoe feeling longer, the Shumidor is here to help. The Shumidor, the ionic shoe deodorizer, allows you to clean and freshen your favorite shoes in an eco friendly manner. The Shumidor's ionic air quickly whisks way odor causing water, leaving your shoes feeling cool and dry. In fact, using the Shumidor should extend the life span of your favorite shoes as well.
step - the dual-level side table
Beertable - beer + table = beertable
Palletini - Bombay Sapphire
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