Inspired by Urban Decay cosmetics, I've created a portable makeover kiosk that transforms from a stunning point of purchase into a fully functioning makeover station. Designed for the Pave the Way 3D Design Challenge, it placed third among twelve international finalists. The final design was built by B+N Industries.
Initial research exploring Urban Decay cosmetics and their brand identity as well as their products and clientele.
Inspiration and ideation based upon Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary makeup palette featuring a "luxe-faceted jewel" logo which heavily influenced the aesthetic exterior design. My overall design of the kiosk was also inspired by geode gem stones, particularly amethyst crystals, art design furniture cabinets, as well as vintage steamer trunks.
In its closed position, the Urban Decay makeover kiosk represents a stunning point of purchase personifying the brand's identity which is easily recognizable from all sides. Another main feature of the closed design is the mirror, which is visible from the outside, that allows customers to see themselves in Urban Decay cosmetics.
In its trifold, open position, the kiosk reveals a built in trash can, seating, storage for tools, mirror, and work table. On the back of the unit, fold down facets reveal surfaces to display products. Keeping with Urban Decay's penchant for green design and manufacturing, I chose Acrilex Inc. thermoformed plastics and unbreakable mirrored acrylic as materials to build the kiosk's design out of. The interior is lined with a 15th Anniversary Logo wallpaper produced from post consumer paper.
After being chosen as one of twelve international finalists for the 2012 Pave the Way 3D Student Design Competition, my design was submitted in 3D and built by B+N Industries. The final construction consisted of a CNC manufactured plywood box frame that was covered by carved, resin coated facets and then painted.
After the announcement of the finalists, all student participants were invited to the award ceremony in Las Vegas, NV where prizes were awarded. My design was awarded third place. All finalists' designs were showcased at the 2012 GlobalShop trade show.
Urban Decay Makeover Kiosk

Submitted for the PAVE the Way 3D Design Competition and placing third internationally, this concept for a portable cosmetic makeover kiosk was inspired by Urban Decay's limited edition 15th Anniversary makeup palette.

Michael Lewandowski
Industrial Design Professional Fort Lauderdale, FL