The simply shell that protects the turtles from the dangers in the wildlife could be an inspiration to design a new type of materials that may cover our cars in the future in order to provide us safety. This design solution means a new way to protect pedestrians and occupants by putting between them a material which could absorb the violent impacts in the case of an accident.

The idea of the concept consists of a sport car for the north american market which will be covered with a flexible material developed by michelin that would absorb the deformation of possible impacts.
The material has different levels of density while it gets near to the centre of car. The parts which have contact with the exterior surface have the lowest density in order to protect the pedestrians in the case of a running over. The high density part protects the occupants of the one piece aluminium cabin from other cars impacts.
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Marcos Madia
Industrial Designer - Cuplastudio Buenos Aires, Argentina