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Avactis eCommerce Platform, HTML, CSS, PHP, some Javscript, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FileZilla, photography, copy writing, and much much more.
Used Turn.JS javascript plugin for page-turning effect
Interactive version of our print catalog, with hyperlinks to product pages. Hyperlinking done with invisible DIV boxes around item.
Championship Rings were some of our most complex products, in terms of customizable options and the number of images the customer needs to see to make their decision. Saved significant space by having ring "shanks" viewable using Lightbox plugin.

When I began work on the Award Guys' website, I was handed the bare bones of a website, with much of the outer aesthetic established, but nothing fleshed out beyond the first click out of the home page. To get it into working order I needed to:
- Load hundreds of products, each with their own set of options, custom fields, and pricing breakdowns
- Regularize product pricing to conform with software algorithms
- Write product descriptions, and come up with names for products that had previously only gone by model numbers and ad hoc descriptions.
- Weigh different product types for the shipping calculator
- Design the customer invoice and the internal order sheet for online orders in a way that would conform to pre-existing company practices.
- Customize appearance of all product and category pages.
-Oversee the process of getting the site operational, including training my fellow employees on how to retrieve order information and assets from the website.

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Freelance, Full-time
Mark Mangiaratti
Graphic Designer Providence, RI