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Digital Color Logo Plaques, 2014-2016
SUNYAC Regular Season Champions Acrylic Trophy

This was designed in Adobe Illustrator, using the SUNYAC logo and a simple path offset. The design was the sent to an acrylic fabrication vendor and has been used for the last several athletic seasons.
Fredonia State Acrylic Awards

Designed with Adobe Illustrator using a Fredonia State Athletics alternate logo. The design was especially designed to be mass produced in advance and then personalized much later, using a laser engraver. This was the among the first awards of this type to be produced at Championship Award Guys and was able to achieve a successful balance between impressive aesthetics and convenience, by the use of curved text for the laser engraving.
Concept NESCAC Championship Trophy

This design was was developed using Illustrator and mocked up in Photoshop, based on a basic description provided by the client. The conference director ended up going with a simpler and more cost-effective design, but I was always partial to this one.
eCommerce Website, 2014

For this project, I was given a basic template to work with by my predecessor and was left with the task of filling the entire site out. This required a wide variety of tasks including photographing/editing the product line, designing the product category/subcategory hierarchy, writing product and category descriptions, coming up with front-end product names, designing the product options interface for each product, and ensuring the overall functioning of the site. This included a lot of HTML, CSS, and my first real foray into PHP.
Awards Work

Since the fall of 2011, I have worked for Championship Award Guys in Plainville, MA as a Graphic Designer, where I have been responsible for a variety of tasks, including: award design/production, web design/development, email marketing, and systems/workflow management.

Freelance, Full-time
Mark Mangiaratti
Graphic Designer Providence, RI