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Prize Wheel & Backdrop ~ 2018
For this project, I used Illustrator to design the prize wheel and communicated with the vendor to ensure that all aspects of the project adhered to specifications. For the backdrop, I took careful measurements of the wheel and the wall behind it and designed a graphic backdrop with a flashy, game show aesthetic. Its production and installation then required coordination with a third party wall graphics vendor. I also found and edited a selection of 18-second song clips that will play each time the wheel is spun, completing the game show experience for the customer.
Adobe Illustrator, Universal VLS 4.6 Laser Engraver
This was a fun project. The final result was laser etched walnut with brushed gold Mylar to give the appearance of inlaid gold.
Working diligently on tracking down a close-up of the finished product. It looks awesome, I promise
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop for the mockup, Universal VLS 4.6 Laser Engraver
This was a Christmas gift for my sister and her new (at the time) husband, with their last name beneath the traditional symbol of hospitality. The wood is ash, the only finish was spray-on clear coat.
Production Design
Freelance, Full-time
Mark Mangiaratti
Graphic Designer Providence, RI