Colorado banner - continuation of the Cutout series, just a little more refined and less playfull
ELK!!! - We saw It. It saw Us. It was just as shocking to both sides.
Imagine Colorado
We Won't Be Contained. - Promotional Material for Patrick Kane, The Chicago Blackhawks, and The NHL Playoffs.
We Won't be Contained. - Promotional material for Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks and NHL playoffs.
Image taken with Canon DSLR Image manipulation Photoshop CS4
Utopian Decay - A section of a Cite gone through some serious changes, what has been left behind isn't the nostalgia of what was once remembered.
For Some reason, or another, i was interested in looking in on the lookout deck, and the view was pretty amazing.
Its Back! - A promotional design created through Illustrator to promote the NHL's return from the Off Season. Strictly Illustrator CS2.
Winning Season - Promotional Design for NCAA March Madness. Strictly Illustrator CS2
profile - Was using this as a profile image. Though i wasn't happy with the plane that i was sitting on, so i scrapped it. Vector Art, based off a mirror. [yeah i had that much free time.] Illustrator CS2
original design for RCautoworks depicting their Turbo work.
RCautoworks - Three different options of a metallic font for the companies profile.
Eat Sleep Turbo - Vinyl decal for RCautoworks.
Digital Portfolio
Michael Neri
Packaging Designer Chicago, IL