journey through time - Photo collage of 200 photos taken from multiple vantage points compiled to make one large visual experience. Actual Size 72" x 30"
Arc in Time - The only image to grace the cover of the photo book i self published.
If you have ever wanted to photograph a small city lit up at night traveling at 75 MPH, this is exactly what it would look like. This is the back cover of a self-published book.
Photo editing, of a late night shoot. around 4AM Cannon Rebel DSLR and Photoshop 2 Actual size 36 x 18 in
Modern Crucifix - A reference to how integral Technology is in Modern Society. Without it we would be lost. Original Photo size 24" x 12"
perspective - I really admire the spacial composition, plus it really helped that there were not any clouds out this day of shooting.
the spirits move east
The way home.
Destination unknown
Imagine - Photoshop editing of a Little girl who was staring at nothing, brought in the Lady and spheres to seamlessly tie it together. Photoshop 7
Michael Neri
Packaging Designer Chicago, IL