cast-aluminium jaali design done for Artzinium, . design inspired from the mosque of al-Salih Tala _Egypt
fluid motion inspired screen
cast-aluminium mashrabiya, designed for al-Nasir foundation, Cairo
cast aluminium screen design - Artzinium
the Chaos-Geometry series , wall tiles, partitions, doors, window grills, mashrabiya, hand rails, gates etc
aluminum walltile
laser-cut jaali, partition panels designed for architect Shivanand, Delhi
anti-grafitti surfaces
anti-grafitti surfaces, a structural assembly for a compound wall (for architect Brian Lang,HK)
boardroom table design done for the Mindrok office,SF
design for Architecture

Introducing great works of art to architectural spaces is a great way to engage and inform user and turn them into ‘participants’ of a space. Rejuvenating old spaces or aiding in the development of new ones.

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MANOJ raja
Principal Designer at IDFA bangalore, India