tranSIT is a hybrid walking waypoint system for urban environments, combining seating with wayfinding and street lighting- improving the walkability of our cities for people of all ages.

The seat is designed with brief rest stops in mind, assuming more social, long-term seating is available at destinations such as shops and green spaces. Staying true to the principles of ‘inclusive design’, the seat is designed to be accessible, comfortable and safe.

To help encourage walking amongst the local community, simple walking times to popular nearby destinations and public transport links are provided, along with QR code integration for access to maps and further information.

Using the translucency of the solid surface material, LED street lighting is integrated to provide extra security for those walking at night. Power is supplied via a small roof mounted battery and solar unit. This also allows for the possible integration of WiFi or street phone charging.

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Michael Oechsle
Designer Melbourne, Australia