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magtour - degree project which apply the concept of magnetic levitation as an attraction to tourist in Malacca Malaysia

6 seat levitation transportation which will brighten up Malacca city in new perspective and leveling up the technology and also development level from being left down by other country.

Using Magnetic levitation technology in which will evade from vanishing the nature sources such as rubber and woods (tire)

Magtour design - The ideas of this magtour is to fill the identity of Malacca famous Landmark which is A'famosa to be as the element of the magtour design.

A'famosa seems to have the most unique characteristic which is suitable to be implemented to magtour design
engine layout for magtour - diagram on top shows the position of the energy source that will be used by the magtour.

The suggestion for the energy source which been found out suitable for this transport is Magnetic levitation
Magtour adverisment - trying to apply the element of speed to the advertisment but seems to look like situated in a middle of war..
hmmm, is it?? (--_)
enviornment of Magtour usage - this transportation will be used to transport public which could ease them to move from one landmark to another since before this most public need to use trishaw which move slowly and expensive.

This transport will have its own station that will be positioned on each landmark.
Trishaw or formally known as "beca" by public were selected as the case study

Since this transportation been used as daily transport by tourist, and public, They seems to get bulk of complaint from user or customer mostly on the comfortablity, accessibility and also time usage.
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degree project

This is my degree final year project during my undergraduate studies in UiTM malaysia. This project was about designing a new means of transportation for Malacca city in peninsular malaysia. A city which always attracting visitor from all around the world. The transport will help user to tour around Malacca city without having any sort of problem.

mohd khairul Anwar...
Student at Northumbria University (MA Transportation Design) Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom