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As usual, construction line as the first step which all designer need to create.
It took me about couple of minutes to finish them all

(sorry for not showing the perspective view guide)
Rechecking the constructed surface and ensure that there is no uneven surface.
began to construct more surface once satisfied with most it
Day 4,
Too lazy to complete the surface, even though I can.
the front hood is the most hard surface that i have ever done. Still, I manage to build the surface .
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lamborghini aventador

It's been a while since I left my studies.
After all 3D modelling is an important tools to survive in the industries, especial transportation design.

This is my latest project, lamborghini aventador. Modelled in Alias studio tools.

mohd khairul Anwar...
Student at Northumbria University (MA Transportation Design) Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom