Smalltalk - Mobile Telephone for Modern Business Professionals - Looking at recent advances in mobile communications, this project was directed toward a niche market of business professionals who demand fine quality and materials, as well as the latest features. The phone has a dual touch-screen interface and advanced handwriting recognition, dismissing the need for buttons. The look and feel of the phone was modelled after weathered stones from a creek, which are smooth to the touch and fit comfortably in a pocket (or purse). The sides are made of leather, another tactile pleasure...
Orbit - Haptic Computer Device for Children - Children are growing up with computers as a part of their everyday experience, but aside from a few specialized mice, there are few products designed to enhance the child's play with the computer. The Orbit Haptic Pad is a computer input device based on new technology developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology that allows a child to explore a computer environment in 3 dimensions, by pushing, pulling, tapping, or beating on the haptic pad. Paired with appropriate software, the Orbit pad would allow a child to explore basic 2D and 3D creation, create music by varying levels of force, or explore game worlds in new ways.
Gecko - Task Chair for Computer Users - Although there are a wide variety of task chairs on the market, this chair was designed to meet the needs of computer users who work for long hours and require extra support and protection from repetitve stress injuries. The Gecko chair features multi-adjustable armrests that pivot left and right (to accomodate better mouse/keyboard control) as well as up and down (to account for variations in desk heights. The innovative base is made of a ball-and-cup design, similar to a computer mouse mechanism. The lumbar and lower back cushions are adjustable up and down to crate a cusion much like the insole of a running shoe. Enlarged "balls" on the base act as foot rests, and echo the foot of the gecko lizard, giving the chair its name.