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Convenient meals destination for Walgreens - Client: ConAgra - strategy: adjust POG at pharmacy level in "Food Desert" to get better ROI with multibanded microwaveable meals at grocery
Convenient meals destination for Walgreens - Elevation view
Hunt's Tomato Aisle Pencil - aisle destination for grocery and pharmacy
Hunt's Tomato Aisle Concept - Create an inspiring destination in grocery stores for a 12 foot tomato section. Bookend blades and overhead canopy carve out section with stopping power. Segment blades help shopper navigate while dimensional recipe center hold shopper at destination inspiring purchase with recipe ideas
Hunt's Tomato Aisle Concept - Details of select signage: Segement headers, Category Floor Graphic, Sub-segment shelf signs for quicker navigation
ConAgra Lunch Box In-Aisle - Easy lunch destination with in-aisle refrigeration, cross-merchandise water and fruit to make shopping for lunch easy
ConAgra Lunchbox In-Aisle - Test prototype aided Supervalu to envision destination
In-store Destination
Michelle Morales
Creative Director Chicago, IL