Dr Gregory House - Portrait of de (in)famous Greg House.
capitalist - The american capitalism
luca prodan - Project for a 4 stamps series celebrating 40 years of argentine rock by Correo Argentino, the official post service of Argentina
Enargas - Poster illustration
sofa-rider contest - collage advertising comic
Dr Jekyll+Mr Hyde
Captain Nemo
education for everybody - Project for social issues stamp for Correo Argentino
Burrocracia económica
El estudiante argentino
sacrificio docente
Juegos de Parques de Diversiones - Stamps for Correo Argentino.
Año del Búfalo
Los científicos van a la escuela - Stamp for Correo Argentino
Roberto De Vicenzo Mini Sheet - Mini sheet for Correo Argentino
Espartaco - Cartoon-style illustration for a history book for children
no a la contaminacion
"Meteoritos de Campo del Cielo" 3D Mini sheet - 3D Mini sheet design for Correo Argentino
mauricio macri: rainman - Portrait of Mauricio Macri, governor of Buenos Aires city and his issues with heavy rains and flood, after years of stating he had de solution for this urban problem.
braveheart maradona - Portrait of Diego Maradona
Escudo Nacional 1976 - Graphic intervention of Argentina's national emblem showing what happens when democratic order is torn apart, creating a republic of murder and murderers.
E.S.M.A. - The E.S.M.A. was clandestine detention and torture camp like hundreds of other camps created by the military goverment that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, where thousands of people disappeared. The E.S.M.A. is the most paradigmatic place where these crimes ocurred and the illustration talks about a place of death.
Truco Postage Stamp - The "Truco" is a traditional cards game of Argentina and Uruguay. Correo Argentino issued a postage series celebrating this popular game.
Peter Capusotto Fantástico Book: Micky Vainilla portrait
Enter Your Description HerePeter Capusotto Fantástico Book: Violencia Rivas portrait
Peter Capusotto Fantástico Book: Peter Capusotto portrait
Muamar Gadafi
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister
Ray Bradbury
Illustration project for Campari
Elisa Carrió
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Jorge Rial
Juan Francisco Miranda
Graphic Designer Buenos Aires, Argentina