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Ghost Line Driver - The Ghost Line driver is designed for fast repetitive use, like that of a drywaller.
I noticed while watching several different home improvement show that while people were putting up drywall, they change how the held their drill to make it easier to use. They moved their hand higher on the drill, and used their middle or ring finger to operate the trigger. In my design I made the entire back of the drill into a handle. This allowed me to shorten the traditional handle. This results in a straight line of pressure between your arm and the head of the drill.
Super Sized MP3 Player - This is a personal design project I did for my self. After trying to find a larger MP3 player ( that doesn't cost over $200) I decided to design a hand size MP3 player that isn't a square.
Brand Identity and Design - Brand identity and design.
My goal was to design three paintball products and a logo/name. I started by creating the name and logo which defined the feel of the products. I then continued to design the pack (which is for carrying extra paint), the mask, and the marker. In addition I designed the pieces towards the inexpensive end of paintball equipment.
3D Cad Lamp - This project was just to create a unique floor lamp using Rhino. This is the result.
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