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Moshi*Matic, the Android and ARM powered washing machine.

The Moshi*Matic is a unique piece of connected washing device, powered by an ARM CPU and running on Android. Using the "app" on your Android or iOS cellphone, you can remotely control the Moshi*Matic, track its power consumption/water consumption and adjust them.
Programming and monitoring running cycles is easy. The Moshi*Matic is using specific and highly efficient soap capsules, stored into the an automatic loading tray. Oh ! this is the last capsule in your Moshi*Matic !! Don't worry, it will order new capsules by itself - and if your kinda paranoid, you'll receive a message to confirm the order on your mobile phone - . The new capsules pack will be delivered within 24 hours to your home.

Guillaume Moshi Guyader
Design & Development Supervisor / Industrial Designer montreal, PQ