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Rondofuse - This was for a blog entry for Sole Collector about revisiting old work. Blog can be seen here:
Rondofuse Low - This was a low for this blog entry on Solecollector.

Nike Lunar Rose - Sole Collector came to us to design shoes for atheltes if they had signed to a different brand. I ewas tasked with creating a Nike shoe for Derrick Rose. Full blog can be seen here:
Rbk Zig Wall - This was from a Sole Collector blog, redesigning John Wall's debut signature shoe.
Football Cleat - This was a football cleat for solecollector.com. The idea was to look years ahead for new construction methods and the future of football since athletes continue to get bigger, stronger and faster.
Watch The Throne Shoe - Shoe inspired by a song done for solecollector. Full blog here:
Delonte West Concept sneaker - A shoe done for solecollector.com. Full explanation can be seen here:
4Cent Dino Shoe - A shoe done for solecollector.com with the idea of people having jobs dealing with Dinosaurs. Full blog can be seen here:
6th Grade Design Interpretation - A project we did working with a 6th grade class. We took some of the 6th grade designs and did our interpretation of them. Full story can be seen here:
4 Cent Design Work