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Initial Sketch of Idea
Preliminary 2D Model
Preliminary 3D Models
Minimum Viable Product
Minimum Viable Product Demonstration
Finalized 3D Model
Final Prototype (3D Printed). This product won the design fair held at the end of the course.
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Product Design Project

This was a project that was created for a Product Design class. I came up with the idea for this phone case, which allows user to charge their phones without having to rest it on dirty surface such as the floor by suspending it below the outlet while it is charging. This is achieved by creating a portion of the case that slides out when you want to charge your phone and allows you to plug your charger through the holes to suspend it below the outlet. A secondary function is a kickstand that flips out to allow users to prop their phone up to watch videos hands-free. A design fair was held at the end of the class to vote on the projects, and this project was the winner!

Matt Raimo
Business Development Analyst at AQR Capital Management Greenwich, CT