Robotic Rickshaw Concept
2013 Alaska Motors "Trident" - Entry for Local Motors competition to design an extreme all-terrain Alaskan race vehicle
Camaro SS proposal (May 2004) - Personal depiction of future Camaro direction
US Pontiac GTO (based on Holden Torana concept)
VW rally concept
VW Corrado concept - Sketched in 2004
Hummer Turbine Internal Components
Volvo Wagon Concept
Local Motors "Crank" - A light-duty delivery truck for 1929. Designing for the past.
Pacific Motors competition entry
Pacific Motors Rove Concept
Local Motors Reservoir - The Local Motors/Intersection Magazine Reservoir is an efficient, lightweight leisure and social enhancer. Users experience equal parts paradise and companionship by taking advantage of Reservoir's open architecture and socially-engaging asymmetrical seating arrangement. Power is passively generated using a combination of electrostatic suspension seats, thermal recovery, and pedals, which all contribute to a consistently-replenishing reserve of electricity.
Audi RS7 Concept
DARPA Concept - For a Local Motors design competiton.
Sketches for 2011 DARPA design competition
Hummer Turbine II
Hummer Turbine Story
Factory Five Grapnel Concept in Gulf Livery
Factory Five Grapnel Concept in Gulf Livery
Gulf Grapnel Concept
Factory Five 818 Concept in Race Trim
Factory Five 818 Concept in Race Trim
Factory Five Carve Concept
Factory Five 818 Roadster Concept - Widebody version
Factory Five 818 Coupe - Powered by a rear-mounted 2.5l Subaru WRX motor
Factory Five 818 Challenge Series Concept
818 Coupe Concept Proposal - Added some additional engine heat exhaust vents and "squintier" tail lights.
Zombiebus - Resurrection of a long-ago scrapped, GMC-based, one-off bus found in Charlotte, NC
"LoveyBot" Robotic Sheltie Dog - My Christmas present to my wife. This is a robotic representation of her family dog, affectionately named "Lovey". As many shelties go, she's a thoroughly neurotic dog who performs countless circles in a simultaneous display of confusion and nervous excitement. Most of the callouts here are inside jokes, but do reflect the typically entertaining sheltie persona.
2015 Volkswagen GTI - Having fun with the future of one of my favorite cars. Sketched on a Wacom Cintiq with a bit of Photoshop post processing.
500Group Centrifuge
500Group Centrifuge
500 Group Centrifuge - Powered by a Chevy LS9
Just for fun

A variety of side projects developed in the name of fun.

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Marc Senger
Design Director at ELEVEN, A Culture of Design Boston, MA