Robotic French Bulldog concept
Cadence locomotive for internal sales purposes
Freightliner truck concept - Built & rendered in Alias 13
Weltron 2001 8 track player/radio - Built for use in a comedic design "analysis" found here:
Chrysler extreme dissociated center stack I.P.
Cyclops by Senger Motor Yachts
Class 8 Peterbilt truck concept
GM full-size truck interior parts-sharing strategies - Designed for use as a desired fit, finish, and cross-platform parts sharing strategy.
Siemens / Cadence Advanced Center Stack Concept
Logo Design Samples
International Truck Class 8 Interior Proposals - Switch bank and I.P. theme proposals
Product Design
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Marc Senger
Design Director at ELEVEN, A Culture of Design Boston, MA