Sport compact sketches
Assorted Audi sketches
Rolls Royce Rickshaw Sketch
Sketch for a high-efficiencty long-range electric for entry into the 2010 Automotive X Prize
Lincoln Continental concept
Hummer Turbine Ideation
Sketches for CCS/Renault Sponsored Student Project
Variety of Pen Sketches (Bic on bond paper)
Quick Audi Le Mans race car sketch
Renault Project Sketches - Pen & marker on bond
TVR, Lexus, Jeep, and Buick sketches - Bic white stick pen on bond paper
Crazy submersible scooter, Google "search engine", and various spaceships - More pen sketches on bond.
Subaru, Jeep interior, Mercedes, Dodge Charger, and Mitsubishi Galant sketches - Bic white stick pen on bond
Shelby Series 2 Hood Ideation - There was very little PR on this project, which was a collaboration between my design studio and the legendary Carroll Shelby. Using the Shelby Series 1 frame, we proposed a series of themes for a Series 2 in 2001. It culminated in a full-scale clay model, but due to lack of funding, was never ultimately produced. These are some of my sketches exploring various options for hoods.
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Marc Senger
Design Director at ELEVEN, A Culture of Design Boston, MA