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IDUL ADHA - idul adha concept for bisnis indonesia newspaper.
Bisnis Indonesia AD: snowman - "whatever the weather is, Bisnis Indonesia is always there for you"
Bisnis Indonesia : Periscope - "Expand your horizon with Bisnis Indonesia"
Bisnis Indonesia : Sumpah Pemuda - " Even we are different, but we are one"

as Indonesia is multicultural country but all of us has one identity that is Indonesia.
Bisnis Indonesia : Puppet - "Release yourself from fake news. Trust Bisnis Indonesia"

Here i'm as the conceptor of this advertisement.
Bisnis Indonesia Newspaper for West Java - Advertising concept for Bisnis Indonesia newspaper in west java regional : Kuda Lumping.

Kuda Lumping also called "Jaran Kepang" is a traditional Javanese dance depicting a group of horsemen.

The whole concept means stop riding fake business information, because the businessman seems in ride of fake horse. So read Bisnis Indonesia to get the real business news.
Bisnis Indonesia AD : Independence Day of Indonesia - A view of Soekarno reading the proclamation text for Indonesia Independence. Here,I'm as the graphic designer. The concept was from the creative director
Bisnis Indonesia : Kesaktian Pancasila - to celebrate the winning of Pancasila, symbol of Indonesia, this concept says we need to stop just copying what other people say. Because the country symbol is not beo.

Beo is a bird that always copies what other people say around it.
One of ideas for Christmas for Bisnis Indonesia - Christmas concept for Bisnis Indonesia AD : Although you are very busy for your business but you still have christmas spirit inside you.
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Bisnis Indonesia
Angela Powiro
Searching Challenges Abroad especially in Advertising WEST JAKARTA, Indonesia