O' MY GOODNESS!! - Submitted file for competition OCT 08 here

See the pic to guess what happened :p

PSA ADVERTISING FOR INTERNET - Ads to persuade the businessmen to advertise their products in internet
Chinese Wealth God - Taken in singapore, chinatown dec 2008 please vote here a long with other three works only if u like :)



Wheel_in_Batam_Park - taken in batam, indonesia, dec. 2008 please vote only if you like :) along with other three works




Fun Park_singapore marine bay - taken in singapore 2008 dec marine bay

please vote only if u like



chinese wealth god - edited photo taken in singapore dec 2008 chinatown please vote if u like :) http://www.core77.com/braunprize2009/list.php?img=4966b28e3d091
Living_old_memories - pontianak, west kalimantan, indonesia, dec. 2008

my childhood time

The Anger of The Dragon - vote link here http://www.core77.com/braunprize2009/list.php?img=497f3d580dc39
was taken in 25 jan 2009 in west jakarta, mall ciputra during imlek celebration
A History From Past: Tionghoa Fighter for Indonesia - submitted file for competition


Both heroes are chinese bloodline but they are Indonesian, they helped to fight for the independence of Indonesia against the colonization of Dutch in Central Java, Semarang. They are Tan Pay Ciang and Oey Ing Kiat
Wave the Flag - submitted file for competition


Keep waving the flag! hehehe.....

to all: GONG XI FAT CHOY!!!
Tastefull Languages of the World - This is the submitted file for UNESCO Poster Competition : Languages Matter. I didn't win but I'm very glad to join it and learn something new from the competition. http://www.design21sdn.com/competitions/17

link to my work is here

Burn the Corns - Submitted file for Competition


Hmmm.....hot corn in the middle of windy winter in Batam, I want the chilly one please.......:D

Taken in Dec 2008, Batam, Indonesia
Couples in the Marine Bay - Submitted file for competition


The world is belonged to both of us, oups......not four of us?
Dead Bird - Submitted file for competition


"Die alone, separated from friends and family, just a second after I saw a flash light coming toward me and a heavy iron hitted me........" Never stand too near to train, especially electric train. Taken from Singapore subway train station.
Singapore Street - soooo clean O.O

taken in 2008
Walking Alone - Singapore, Marine Bay, 2008
Red Scene in Batam - an unfinished park in batam, romantic scene toward the sea
Turn Green Now - The idea of traffic light made me designed this for tote shopping bag, in order of Global warming issue
Go Green - Designed for tote shopping bag. its related to issue the use of goods non green" seems make earth become more polluted. the green barcode here symbolizes its the "green" products that use recycable packaging, safe for environments, so it has impact to greener the environment
Badge I won - Just won a nomination for killedideas vol.1
One purpose for Earth - Uploaded file for Tribute 21 Plate theme Happiness


Another version is here
Generations act for earth - http://www.design21sdn.com/challenges/19/entries/6178

uploaded file for tribute 21 plate theme happiness
Bisnis Indonesia : Garuda - "Let Garuda get out of its cage"

NB: Garuda is Indonesia's symbol
Killed Ideas Finalist Volume 1 : Fresh Water Packaging - Contact lens packaging from

Killed Ideas Finalist Vol 1: Contact lens packaging - this is one of the finalist in killedideas vol. 1

submitted file for_competitions
Angela Powiro
Searching Challenges Abroad especially in Advertising WEST JAKARTA, Indonesia