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personal logo - brand development exercise
A graphic layout exercise - tri-fold brochure
Enter Your DescriWhen it comes to Nike, it can be difficult to find areas for branding improvement, simply because there is so much focus on it already. However, the company continues to evolve, and one of the movements under the Swoosh umbrella is the “Considered” category. This is a Nike’s sustainable branch. Reducing waste, recycling materials, and using water-based adhesives are a few of the actions being taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. A noble cause, indeed.

The problem: they don’t have a logo or symbol denoting this process.

For now, products that fall into this category simply feature “considered design” on the product label.

This project was an attempt to capture the essence of their efforts in a symbol that could be featured on the packaging or the product itself, hidden, or in plain site.ption Here
standalone | does it communicate the “considered” message?
Logo placement possibilities
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