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M Squared - M Squared
Michael Meyer
Graphic Design
Meyer-Cox Consulting - Logo Design, Business Card and promotional postcard for Meyer-Cox Consulting; an environmental impact consulting firm.
Planetarium Map - The St. Louis Science Center's planetarium is designed as a trip to a space station, so I took that idea and incorporated it into this informational map.
Flight Exhhibition - As one of my student projects I created an exhibit to explain a scientific principle. I chose to explain how flight works.
These are a series of informational boards for an exhibit on how things fly. Along with a 3D rendering of what the exhibit might look like when installed.
Flight Book - As part of the Flight Exhibition I created a companion booklet that goes more in-depth to many of the concepts in the exhibition. I created many informational graphics and worked hard to organize a large amount of information.
Hard Wired - This was a series of letterforms that I created by hand out of speaker wire. I soldered the pieces together to form firm connections despite the flexibility of the wire. I used the unshielded ends of the wire to form delicate serifs on most of the letters.
Mark Twain Book - I created several pen-and-ink illustrations for this book, in addition to focusing on typography and book binding.
Uber-Dark Chocolate - Package design and POS display box for Uber-Dark Incredibly Dark German Chocolate. I used the concept of a dark and stormy night along with european fairy tale themes to create the imagery for this product and package.
Five Typefaces that aren't Futura - I found myself using Futura quite often so I decided to expand my typographic horizons and created this booklet to show off the many characters in five other typefaces.
The fonts I used were:
Blue Island
Cronos Pro
Gil Sans
Ghost Dog Poster - Promotional movie poster for Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai. The movie features an urban setting and many gang related themes so I used the concept of tagging in this poster design.
Sideways Racing Booklet - For my final student project we had to propose a solution to something we saw as a problem. The movie Fast and the Furious had come out recently so I decided to take on street racing and drifting. I put together a proposal to create an area for racing and drifting lessons in a safe and controlled environment.
Sideways Racing Posters - Promotional Posters for Sideways Racing, part of my proposal presentation.
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Michael Meyer
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