2017 addition of exhibit components from Smithsonian's Dig It exhibition.
2017 addition of exhibit components from Smithsonian's Dig It exhibition including 54 soil monoliths from all 50 states, 3 US territories, and Washington DC.
GROW Gallery exhibits

The GROW gallery lets visitors experience the journey of our food supply from farm to table and inspires the next generation of farmers, scientists, engineers, and agriculture professionals. The gallery space encompasses a pavilion and outdoor learning space with interactive exhibits and activities.
Role and Challenges:
I developed and designed in-house exhibits with our content/exhibits team. I also made initial concepts all the way through final build drawings and oversaw construction and install of exhibitry.
It was challenging due to short timelines and the nature of outdoor exhibits with material choices and exhibit components.
Exhibition Opened:
June 2016
Exhibition Still Open
2,000 sq. ft (exhibits) 50,000 sq. ft. (entire exhibition space)
Saint Louis Science Center

Freelance, Full-time
Michael Schoenewies
Exhibit Designer St. Louis, MO