The off the shelf Mindball Core unit, installed under the table.
Mindball Exhibit

Mindball is a two person game controlled by the electrical activity of their brains, read by a headband. The goal is to control a ball’s movement across a table by becoming more relaxed and focused.
Role and Challenges:
A Mindball Core unit was purchased and I designed casework and an environment for the game to be played in an existing gallery. I wanted the design to act as an attractor for not only the exhibit, but to pull visitors into the gallery space.
One of the challenges was figuring out how to incorporate CNC layered plywood to produce the form I wanted for the table and chairs, as well as incorporating lightboxes and electronic components.
Exhibition Opened:
April 2013
Exhibition Still Open
500 sq. ft.
Saint Louis Science Center

Freelance, Full-time
Michael Schoenewies
Exhibit Designer St. Louis, MO