The Liftoff gallery space was created out of necessity when Mission:Mars was going into the space that was previously occupied by the Mercury and Gemini capsules, but also provided an opportunity to create better sight lines and pathways through the gallery space.
Previous display of the Mercury and Gemini capsules and the new display in the Liftoff Gallery.
Mission:Mars Gallery and Liftoff!

Mission:Mars lets visitors simulate what NASA engineers experience when they send instructions to a robotic rover on Mars. Using the unique campus of the Saint Louis Science Center to represent the distance between Earth and Mars, visitors program a robotic rover in the Science Center's main building then cross the Skybridge to view the rovers at work in the James S. McDonnell Planetarium in Forest Park.
Role and Challenges:
I worked with the content/exhibits team to develop exhibits and floorplans. I also made initial concepts all the way through final build drawings and oversaw construction and install of exhibitry.
It was challenging because we had a short timeline and a small budget as well as designing two spaces/locations that needed to be distinct galleries, but also fit together thematically.
Exhibition Opened:
November 2015
Exhibition Still Open
5,000 sq. ft. including Liftoff Gallery
Saint Louis Science Center

Freelance, Full-time
Michael Schoenewies
Exhibit Designer St. Louis, MO