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Arcon Statue
Arcon: Extractors
The Shattered Mountains
Air Dock
ICCRIME: Visualizer Ignition - In the near future crime scene investigators use holographic technology to recreate scenarios in nanoscopic detail for agent training. Shown is the holographic visualizer set in a retrofitted subway station. It boots up, coalescing zettabytes of data for a new recruit.
Arcon: Generators - Environment concept for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Lower Passage - Environment art for Arcon(PC).
Arcon: Water Works - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Massive Elevator Shaft - Environment art for Arcon. (PC)

A giant elevator shaft is used to transport building supplies up an ever-growing sky scraper.

This area gives the player plenty of z space for Arcon's aerial action, with platforms and props to kick off from and latch onto.
Arcon: Hangar - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Ship's Cradle - Explanatory concept art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Nursery - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Launch Path - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Sky Scraper's Rail Station - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Generators - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Rift Temple Sketch
Arcon: Rift Temple - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Maintenance Corridor - Environment art for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: Extractors - Environment sketch for Arcon.(PC)
Arcon: R & D - Early level design explanatory sketch for Arcon.(PC)

From sketches like these a level builder began creating geometry while I worked to conceptually flesh out the space.
Arcon: Modular Ship - Explanatory sketch of air ship components for a level in Arcon. (PC)
Arcon: Battery Room - Environment sketch for Arcon(PC).
Arcon: Cavern Pillar - Art for Arcon(PC).

Built from the fossilized bone of a mystic creature.
Arcon: Hydroponics
Blackbeard's Escape: Skeleton of The Queen Anne's Revenge Sketch - Pen and marker sketch!
Blackbeard's Escape: Skeleton of The Queen Anne's Revenge - Environment art for Blackbeard's Escape.(PC)

Players take on the role of researchers diving for artifacts from Blackbeard's flagship. Upon restoration, players "flash back" in time to live out a key point in the history of the ship and its infamous pirate captain.
Blackbeard's Escape: R.O.V. and Control Case - Asset concepts for Blackbeard's Escape. (PC)
Blackbeard's Escape: The Queen Anne's Revenge
Blackbeard's Escape: Research Vessel
Blackbeard's Escape: Research Vessel Rear - Research vessel design for Blackbeard's Escape.(PC)
Scape - Personal work
Fount - Personal work 2009
Launch - Personal work
Wake - Personal work
Arcon: Cove - Pen and marker preliminary environment sketch. (Started as thumbnail which was then blown up in Photoshop, reprinted, and markered)
Personal work 2006
Arcon: Modular Arm - Standard robotic arm plugs into modular receptacle.

Pen and marker.
Arcon: Modular Connector - The modular receptacle for securing and powering machinery in the Arcon world. It is akin to an overbuilt power outlet.
ICCRIME: Visualizer Concepts
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Environment & Prop Concept Art
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