Cadillac Sixteen (2003) - Splash Page of Ideation Sketches. Done prior to scale model for Cadillac Sixteen. At this point in the design development, key features were already emerging that would successfully transition all the way to the final Concept Vehicle. Notable are the upswept character line along the rocker, the offset "Eldorado" beltline, and chamferred front and rear fascia surfaces.
Cadillac Sixteen (2003) - Finished Concept Vehicle Photographs contrasted with earlier 1/3 Scale Model Photographs. High level of carryover theme elements, from Scale-to-Concept are shown!
Cadillac Vizon (2001) - Splash Page of Ideation Sketches - prior to Scale Model Development for 2001 Cadillac Vizon Concept Vehicle.
Cadillac Sixteen (2003) - Gesture of Concept Vehicle evident in early Scale Model Development.
Cadillac Vizon (2001) - Splash Page of Press Release Images and Concept Elevation Drawing.

Functioned as Lead Exterior Designer and also drafted Interior Theme as an ALIAS 3D "sketch" model.
Michael Torpey
Senior Automotive Designer Irvine, CA