NIPPON TEA GARDEN packaging design - Nippon Tea was designed as an independent company. All of the tea is authentic and promotes good heath and therapy. A product catalog and, unique packaging for each product were designed for this up and coming Tea Company.
NIPPON TEA GARDEN catalog (Inside pages)
LEORA STROUP postcard and poster design
PHRENOLOGY IN BLUE: Investigating origins catalog design - This catalog was designed for Jayson K. Taylor’s graduate show. The layouts and design were tailored to artist’s style of artwork.
ELIZEUS Wine label design - The unique design of the wine label is drawn from the wines origin, the wine barrel. Its tin clasps and wood slats are featured on the front of the label.
Vegano food product
ARC Furniture Store
Ritz Calton Posters, Magazin Ads & Emails
Disney Insert
Office Max
NFL Web Banners, Postcard and Poster
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Joél (Mun Cheen)...
Graphic Designer Toronto, ON