AKG K3003

During the design process of the K3003 we were pushing the boundaries to create something outstanding. Dedicated to superior sound, dedicated to the AKG heritage.

We were aiming for a design that reveals high-end acoustic engineering encapsulated in the smallest possible enclosure.
The Design of the AKG K3003 is characterized by a timeless minimalism. A style that is not following any seasonal fashion trends but meant to last is what we call Classic Design. Every single detail has its reason. Nothing feels arbitrary.

The principle of timeless design is also reflected in the way this earphone is manufactured.
Milled out of a solid stainless steel block, the housing represents a robust shell protecting its high tech core. Like an exclusive watch, this earphone is hand crafted and assembled to fulfill AKG's demand to the highest level of quality.

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Matthias Schmiedbauer
Senior Industrial Designer for Designit Munich Munich, Germany