Ceramic Candle stand "Torsion" - •Made in high temperature ceramics and enamels, it constitutes the ideal object to use for its purpose. •Its shape grants modularity between the pieces to create compositions with similar pieces. •Simple, functional and practical design.
Restricted Domestic Spaces Furniture - •Modular system which generates resting surfaces and furniture designed for socialization. •The aim of the project is to generate propitious spaces to promote interpersonal relationships. •Upgrade and improve the use of the physical space. •Configures a multifunctional space.
“REVISTAR” magazine rack. - Exhibited at the VIIIth version of the National Design Contest for Arts and Crafts 2003/ Artesanías de Colombia, at Corferias. •Design made in three modular pieces. •Easy to pile-up, durability, usability •Category: Relaxation furniture •Made in a traditional craftsmanship material (Guayacán wood). •Productive chain developed with one of the Artesanias de Colombia members. •Different styles and materials alternatives.
Furniture and decoration
Marcel Vesga
Industrial - Interaction - Technology Designer Hamburg, Germany