3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive

Confidence matters – starting with our customers and the trust they place in us to deliver reliability and performance to their patients. ?

The new 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive delivers on that promise by virtually eliminating all post-operative sensitivity, being the first radiopaque adhesive to help dentists avoid misdiagnosis along with invasive over-treatment, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. The unique bottle and cap design delivers a bold new look, while the ergonomic shape provides an easy, one-handed operation, all in a small, tight package that reduces overall waste and complexity. Using a bistable film hinge allows the cap to swing open effortlessly, giving the user an unhindered view of the smart designed tapered tip for precise dosage during application. The innovative design and minimized geometry make it easier to clean, promoting a safer, more hygienic approach towards safety control measures, which is important, more now than ever.

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Michael Vostal, MPD/MBA
Lead Industrial Designer @ 3M Design, HCBG Saint Paul, MN