Macson Screen Protector - Macson Screen Protector for Handphone and gadget.
Little swan Brochure - Brochure design for PT. Dinamika Nusantara Mandiri, Little Swan ( LSI )
Handphone Casing Loly Poly
Little Swan VCD Packaging - Packaging design for Little Swan ( PT. Dinamika Nusantara Mandiri )
Maxistyle Banner - Banner promotion design for maxistyle brand ( PT. Maxistar Intermoda Indonesia)
UKMWAY Capuccino Packing
Macson Gadget Pouch
Macson Gadget Pouch
Macson Gadget Pouch
Birthday Card - Birthday Card for Mrs. Jenny. Flower Brushes Stock from:
Bose Special Promo Flyer
Bose Flyer - Bose Flyer, size 18 x 13 cm
Bose Flyer - Bose Flyer size 15 x 21 cm
Maxistyle Calendar 2009
Loly Poly Discount Promo
Bose X Banner - X Banner for Bose products. Size: 160 x 60 cm Material : Flexi Paper
City Reward Electronic Fair ( Bose )
Bose Brochure 2009 - Bose Products Brochure
Experience HD Gaming With Bose - Bose Flyer Size 15 x 21cm
Companion 2 Promo Discount - Promo design for Bose Companion 2
Bose Special Event
Bose Special Event
Bose New Lifestyle - Bose New Lifestyle Brochure
Bose Headphone New Series Brohure - Bose Headphone New Series Brohure, Size 30 x 21 cm.
Bose New Lifestyle 1 - Size 31 x 22 cm
Bose New Lifestyle 2 - Size: 31 x 22
Bose Bluetooth and Headset Magazine Ad
Bose Esquire Magazine Ad - Bose® Mobile SoundLink™ Magazine ad.
Bose VideoWave Magazine Ad - Bose VideoWave Bravacasa Magazine Ad
Bose Companion 20 Flyer - Bose Companion 20 Flyer Size : A5
Bose Calendar 2012 - Bose Calendar 2012 Size : 16 x 21 cm
Bose Around Ear 2i Flyer - Bose Around Ear 2i Flyer Size : A4
Graphic Design
Yulizar T
Jakarta, Indonesia