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Twelve Months in Review Book

Between October 2013 and November 2014 I worked on a personal project about how I spend my time. I logged hours spent on each activity I do throughout each day. When I first started the project it was intended to help me find more time to work on projects. I always tell myself there are not enough hours in a day and I do not have enough time to complete projects. I was hoping I would look at the results and it would be obvious that I watch too much television, or spend too much time with friends, or I spend too much time at the bar...

At the beginning, I did not set a deadline to complete the research; I guess I had in the back of my head that it would last a couple weeks or maybe a month. I continued to log my time after the first month because I did not want to miss any important event that might happen and change the results. After collecting the data for a few months I decided I would collect the data for one full year and make a year end report.

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Mathew Zurlinden
Mathew Zurlinden Detroit, MI