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Inspiration of the garment
The top of the garment which is put on the shoulder is design through the given process
To gain the texture i need to squeeze the quilted fabric with the help of thread ,as it is visible yarns is passing through the fabric.
Teeth of the chaff cutter inspired to develop this surface.After 3 -4 days when threads removed we get this surface..
Front look
Back look
photo shop and coral used graphic design of India inspired garment
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Indian evening wear

Garment based on india inspiered , which is inspiered from a chaff cutter,
Top of the garment which is put on the shoulder is the texture is taken from the teeth of the cutter
fallse of the garment are taken from the chaff cutter wheel (inner structur)
.Beeds embroidery don on the garment is taken from the bolt used on chaff cutter
.colors is taken from the rusting iron and dry grass..

Nagendra Gupta
Incredible ideas in the heights of fashion world Jaipur, India