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Rhombus Tessellation Inspiration Board
Visual live construction of Mood board ( Illusion)
1. a false appearance or deceptive impression of reality: the mirror gives an illusion of depth.
2. a false or misleading perception or belief,
3. (Psychology) psychol a perception that is not true to reality, having been altered subjectively in some way in the mind of the perceiver.
4. (Textiles) a very fine gauze or tulle used for trimmings, veils, etc
Trend board 2013 followed for the collection Rhombiguity
Concept Board
Necker cube concept
Perspective drawing of the outline of a cube that can induce two perceptions, either a three-dimensional cube orientated upward or a three-dimensional cube orientated downward .
Colour inspiration board
Rajasthan culture of bright rich colour.
Color board
with pantone coding
Specification sheet I
coral illustration ..
Garment Detailing shot
weaved constructive garment .
specification sheet II
illustrated in coral draw
specification sheet III
coral draw illustration
still From Rajasthan Fest
Gaba fashion show 2013
Garment Detailing shoot
top left and bottom left cut work, top right weaved constructive garment, bottom right corner paper grid stitching impression.
Specification sheet IV
Coral draw illustration
specification sheet V
Coral Draw illustration
Detail shoot of menswear finishing and quality.
detail shoot of embellishment and finishing on garment
Shot from the Rajasthan fest organised by the Rajasthan patrika
shot taken from the visual merchandising of Rhombiguity collection,
Theme - illusion.
Second collection themed as Fashion flow , named on the bases of color flow used in one of Michel Keck painting,
Inspiration board
Michel keck painting
Textured board and Style board
flow of the silhouette inspired by the style board.
Mood Board
flow of the fabric , cool and calmness and flow of the texture .
Surface exploration
from top left to bottom right
circular weaving (painting is done first on fabrics and then weaved)
Honey comb patch work
log cabin patch work
layering and cut work
patch work and quilting is done
surface exploration
from top left to bottom right
Cut work and sandwich of thread with fusing and stitching
layer and cut work
sandwich and cut work
applique of thread
painted fusing applique work
process to visualize of surface on garment
fabric and illustration of garment.
left graphic work on real model
right shoot of the garment
left illustration of the garment
right shoot of the garment
left garment illustration
right shoot of the garment
shoot and Detailing of the garment
Detailing of the accessories and still from the Gaba show and visual merchandising of fashion flow collection.

shot took from surface exploration
left graphic illustration
right visual merchandising at Rajsthan convention center of final collection Rhombiguity.
shot taken from the Gaba show
Dabu print work on the handwoven cambric fabric (left),
export fabric dragon print used for menswear (bottom right)
Creative surface exploration technique board
evening wear gown using creative surface technique by stiffing the fabric
Men's wear top right garment is inspierd by cheff cutter for farmer
garment selected for FDAI (Fashion design award India) judged by Shravan Ramaswami (top left)
Jaipur metro Dress designing {contract took by Arch academy of Design }( top right)
Best collection award at the ARCH premises (bottom left)
Designer Nagendra Kumar Gupta
surface exploration and graphic editing for backdrop
Surface exploration and Graphic editing for back drop
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Nagendra portfolio

fashion designer Nagendra kumar gupta portfolio , in which he exhibit his final collection which is based on RHOMBIGUITY which is the composition of rhombus tessellation and ambiguous figure(illusion) and second collection based on fashion flow which is inspired from Michel keck painting . in which he explained the silhouette and style flow with fabric and color and minimal surface on garment.

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Nagendra Gupta
Incredible ideas in the heights of fashion world Jaipur, India